Low Carb Ricotta Bites

As a kid my mother used to buy ricotta and we would eat it by spreading it on a slice of bread.  I do miss those days and miss eating ricotta.  Now I still enjoy it, although it’s out of the container with a spoon because I no longer eat bread.  I truly love these fried bites of cheese smothered in a tomatoe sauce with some basil.

Ricotta Bites

Make Ricotta Bites

These little bites are very easy to make with just a few ingredients.  You can add your favourite spices and herbs to the pork rind crumbs and make them as tasty as you want them to be.  I added salt, pepper, garlic powder and dried oregano.  Check out the youtube video to see how I made them.  (recipe below video.

What You Need

The low carb ricotta bites are exactly what I need when craving something crispy and fried.  Plus this dish looks a little sexy when plated with some sauce and basil leaves.  Which also sets the mood to devour these all on your own 🙂

Low Carb Ricotta Bites

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 4 Balls

Serving Size: 2 Balls

Calories per serving: 502

Fat per serving: 31g

Low Carb Ricotta Bites


  • 4 tbsp Ricotta (strained)
  • 4 tbsp Shredded Parmesan
  • 1 Egg (whisked)
  • 3 tbsp Coconut Flour | I Use This!
  • 4 tbsp Pork Rind Crumbs| I Use This!
  • 1 tsp dried oregano | I Use This!
  • 1 tsp garlic powder | I Use This!
  • 1 pinch of salt and pepper to taste


  1. Grind pork rinds in a blender and add your favourite spices (I used salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano)
  2. In a small bowl mix ricotta and parmesan
  3. Roll ricotta mixture by hand into 1 inch balls
  4. Roll balls through coconut flour
  5. Dip in eggs
  6. Coat with pork rind crumbs
  7. Fry in a shallow pan of olive oil until golden brown
  8. Enjoy with some fresh tomatoe sauce and basil


Carbs 8.8g Fiber 4.3g Net Carbs 4.5g Protein 48.4g


Whenever I enjoy a fried meal I finish it off with a great low carb dessert like my Nuthella Good Cake.

I love italian food, if you have any replacements for pasta? Please share with me as I am always looking for some good pasta dishes.


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