3 Month Carnivore Experiment

I did a 3 month Carnivore Experiment that I thoroughly enjoyed., I loved the way it made me feel, had a lot more energy and lost body fat and gained muscle. During my carnivore experiment I posted a blog for each week.

Carnivore Experiment

I gave an update for each week and shared my results. If you want to learn more about it, check out each blog post down below in the gallery.

I stopped due to the covid crises even though I had great results. Although I am now ready to do another 3 month experiment and finally have a chance to get my blood work results and see what really went on in the inside.

Weekly Blog Posts


Ready to get my blood work done after ending my 3 month carnivore experiment, due to the Covid-19 outbreak I chose not to visit a medical lab for my own safety and have been unable to get my blood work results. Carnivore taught me a lot about how different foods affect me both digestively and the affects it has on my body externally. When I stopped carnivore my skin became flaky and I developed some red patches on my head. I am way more sluggish and find that the more I enjoy keto sweets and treats, the more I want them.

I know exactly what I am can eat with carnivore. Choice of foods are limited but how I cook them is endless and allows me to be more creative with food. I will do carnivore again in the future and have blood work done to see the results.

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