3 Month Carnivore Experiment

I did a 3 month Carnivore Experiment that I thoroughly enjoyed., I loved the way it made me feel, I had a lot more energy and lost body fat and gained muscle. I did a blog post for each week during my carnivore experiment.

I gave an update for each week and shared my results. If you want to learn more about it, check out each blog post down below in the gallery.

Although my results were great, sadly I had to stop due to the Covid crisis. Although I am now ready to do another 3 month experiment and finally have a chance to get my blood work results and see what really went on in the inside.

Weekly Blog Posts


After ending my 3 month carnivore experiment, I was set to get my blood work done but due tot he Covid-19 outbreak I chose not to visit a medical lab for my own safety and have been unable to get my blood work results. Carnivore taught me a lot about how different foods affect me both digestively and the affects it has on my body externally. Since stopping carnivore that my skin has become more flaky and I have developed some red patches on my head, something else I need to get checked once I feel safe to go to my doctors office. I am way more sluggish and find that the more I enjoy keto sweets and treats, the more I want them.

With carnivore I knew exactly what I was allowed to eat, my choices of foods were limited but the way I cook them is endless and it allowed me to be more creative with my food. I do not feel more restricted on Carnivore and am excited to get back to it and finally get my blood work done after another 3 months and see the actual results.

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