Carnivore Experiment – Week 9 of 12

Carnivore Experiment – Week 9 of 12

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Carnivore Breakfast

Carnivore Experiment – Week 9 of 12

Carnivore Experiment – Week 9 of 12 was a stressful week and therefore did not eat the best. I find I don’t make the best choices when I am stressed, I wouldn’t say I went off the depend but definitely was a lot more snacky and I dipped into the peanut butter a little too much this week. I also dove into some almonds a couple times but luckily I didn’t go too far overboard and crush a bag of Doritos or something worse.

Blood Sugars

My blood sugars have been the same and steady, hovering around 5.5 to 5.9 mmol/l. I am excited to see what my blood test results will look like at the end of the 12 weeks.


As mentioned earlier I definitely have been snacking a lot but I did stick to carnivore for all my meals. I may have also overdid it with more cheese this week, so my weight might have stayed the same as last week. I did make some Carni Noodles over the weekend that I absolutely loved, check out the recipe here.

Carnivore Noodles
Carnivore Noodles

Gym Routine

Once again I felt sluggish in the gym this week. Not sure if it’s because I was snacking a lot or if something else has changed. I seem to have low energy this week. Also wondering if the stressful week has also depleted my energy which is why I have been finding it hard to lift the same weights I was lifting a few weeks ago. Not sure but will monitor it this week and try not to snack and stick to meals only. Will update you next week.


Mostly regular this week. I may have had some leftovers that might have gone bad and had some stomach issues that lasted a couple of days but otherwise all good.


As expected I did not lose or gain any weight this week. Going to stick to meals only and no snacking for the rest of the week.

Other Side Effects

Muscles are achy/crampy this week more than usual. Not sure if I’ve been low on electrolytes or didn’t stretch enough in the gym. Will monitor this closely this week.

I will update you next Monday on how week 10 went for me.

Supplements I am using while doing Carnivore are:

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