Carnivore Experiment – Week 10 of 12

Carnivore Experiment – Week 10 of 12

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Waffles Burger
Carnivore Waffle Bun

Carnivore Experiment – Week 10 of 12

Carnivore Experiment – Week 10 was a fairly uneventful week. I kept to eating carnivore and my schedule although, due to the corona virus outbreak I skipped the gym twice and will not be returning to the gym at the moment. In fact, my gym has shut down during this time and I am not sure when it plans to reopen.

Blood Sugars

My blood sugars have been the same and steady, hovering around 5.5 to 5.9 mmol/l. I am expecting to visit my doctor at the end of my 12 weeks to get some blood work done. However, due to the corona virus outbreak I am not sure I will be able to get an appointment. I’m afraid it may not be considered essential during the outbreak and I would rather leave room for people who are sick to have a chance to receive medical attention.


I did eat clean this week but I also did a little more fasting. After Sunday’s dinner I fasted for 36 hours. One thing I did make was a waffle bun for my burgers, made simply with pork rind crumbs and eggs.

Gym Routine

As mentioned earlier I only hit the gym once this week due to the corona virus outbreak. I have been going for long 1 hour walks to get some exercise in but I have been lacking in any weight lifting.


Very regular this week. Nothing to report.


I am down 1 pound this week which I think the lack of lifting weights might have helped since I haven’t gained any muscle. In fact I feel like I would have lost a lot more weight during this experiment if I slowed down on the weight lifting and building muscle. However, I feel good, leaner and trimmer so it’s not really about the weight.

Other Side Effects

This week I’ve been feeling kind of sick of eating meat. Seriously, I never thought I would ever be sick of eating eat but I just feel a bit bored of it at the moment. I’m sure it will pass and maybe I need to explore different recipes or cuts of meat to add a little more variety.

I will update you next Monday on how week 11 went for me.

Supplements I am using while doing Carnivore are:

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