Carnivore Experiment – Week 1 of 12

Carnivore Prime Rib

Carnivore Diet for 3 Months ??? If you have been following me for a while you know that I have been on a keto/low carb way of eating for a few years now. Even though I love this way of eating and have been able to manage my type 2 diabetes with food (no meds), I have always wanted to try to get my A1C under 5.7 but have yet to achieve this. I usually hover around 5.7 to 6.2.

Furthermore, I find with keto I crave a lot of the no so good keto foods like the snacks and sweetener filled desserts which is likely the reason for not reaching my A1C goal. Plus when I allow myself to eat those types of food I just want more and more.

You may be asking why I want my A1C under 5.7? In all the medical information I have researched it seems that under 5.7 is considered normal and 5.7 to 6.4 is considered pre-diabetic. I have always had this goal of being in the normal range and no longer be labelled as pre-diabetic.

So I decided to change it up and go for a zero carb way of eating which is basically a carnivore (ish) diet. I will allow myself to have meat, dairy, spices, coffee and water. I will not add any sweeteners or enjoy any bevereages with sweeteners in them, not even those electrolyte drinks.

Week 1 of 12

I started eating carnavor’ish on January 6, 2020. I combined this way of eating along with some fasting as I still think it’s important to give my body a rest. In order to keep consistent I created a schedule which outlines when I will eat, workout and fast. This way I will get into a routine, just like most people I do better when I have a routine.

Here is my schedule:

As you can see I will only eat breakfast on weekends, will go to the gym 3 days a week and do at least 30 minute walks the other days. My schedule works for me with my work and home schedule which may not work for everyone. As I do this way of eating, I may adjust my schedule if it’s not working for me.

My first week went fairly well. I did feel sluggish and a bit tired, mainly because I feel my body was still transitioning to burning fat for fuel. I have always had high blood sugars in the mornings, its something called dawn phenomenon. This week there has been no change in the mornings and I usually test at 8.1 mmol/L, however an hour after lunch I have been testing at 5.7 mmol/L on average.

Hopefully as I continue to eat this way my blood sugar levels will get better. I have been monitoring the amount of protein I eat per meal. As you can see on my schedule, I am usually eating only twice per day, except on weekend. It was suggested to me that I eat about 4-6 oz of meat per meal, so this will be my focus.


I have been eating a lot of ground beef and bacon, I actually really love cooking up some ground beef and adding a couple strips of cooked bacon with it. In fact this has been my lunch for the past week. For dinners I have enjoyed some steaks, chicken wings, burgers, meatballs and a nice prime rib. I could seriously see myself eating carnivore forever as I really do love eating this way. However, it might get more difficult at social engagements or special occassions. I have completely stayed away from snacking this week and don’t even feel like snacking. If I do want a little something I have it with my meals, such as a slice of cheese or some pork rinds.


Yes, pooping has changed. I used to be a once a day, every morning, good to go kind of pooper. Now, I still go every morning but it’s not a solid good poop. It’s more of a loose, cloudy, sometimes firm sometimes runny kind of poop. Im hoping this get better because I feel better when it’s a solid poop but seeing as I am not getting any fiber from vegetables anymore, I wonder if I will ever get back to being regular while eating carnivore.


Now my purpose of doing carnivore is not for weight loss but I always get asked if I lost any weight so I might as well let you know. After 1 week of carnivore I am down 4.5 pounds. This may be just water weight as I was off plan over the holidays and gained a few pounds. I will weigh myself every Monday and let you know how I did in week 2.

That’s all I have to report for week 1, continue on to Carnivore Experiment – Week 2 of 12.

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Here is a list of supplements I am using while doing Carnivore


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