Bullet Coffee Ice Cream

Yes!  Bullet Coffee Ice Cream!!!

As I was walking along the beach I really wanted an ice cream but there were no places where I could get a keto or low carb option so I decided to make my own.  Its not just a regular ice cream, it’s a Bullet Coffee Ice Cream that you will likely never find at the beach.  You want to make this ice cream!!!

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Check out my Bullet Coffee Ice Cream youtube video to see exactly how I made it, plus there are some added tips and tricks in the video that you will want to check out.

Easy Recipe

Ever want ice cream so bad but couldn’t treat yourself because you knew the amount of sugar would ruin all the hard work you put in to sticking to your macros? Not only is this recipe super easy to make, it will also replace your keto coffee on those hot summer days when coffee just won’t cut it.

Bullet Coffee Ice Cream

This ice cream recipe was inspired by Keto Connect , props to them as I truly think their ice cream recipe is amazing.  However, my recipe has delicious espresso powder, ghee, coconut oil, cacao powder and some dark chocolate chunks just to bring you over the edge 🙂

Bullet Coffee Ice Cream

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: 8 Servings

Serving Size: 2 Scoops

Calories per serving: 306

Fat per serving: 30.2g

Bullet Coffee Ice Cream



  1. Combine the four egg yolks and vanilla and set aside
  2. Place a medium pot over medium low heat
  3. Pour in the heavy cream and the erythritol
  4. Mix until well dissolved
  5. Add the remaining ingredients except the yolks and vanilla
  6. Whisk ingredients until well combined and all the ghee and coconut oil has melted
  7. Turn up the heat to medium/high and continue to whisk until mixture becomes thick and you can coat a wooden spoon. See video for example.
  8. Remove from heat and continue to whisk and let cool.
  9. Continue to whisk while cooling otherwise a skin may form.
  10. Once cooled, using a large bowl, slowly pour mixture into the yolk/vanilla mixture. Pour a little at a time and whisk while pouring. Once all is added, continue to whisk until a froth forms on the top. ( I whisked by hand but feel free to use an electric mixer)
  11. Add the chocolate chunks and whisk one more time
  12. Pour entire mixture into an air tight container and place in the freezer
  13. Freeze for about 5 hours. However, stir mixture every hour.
  14. After 5 hours it should be ready. If you freeze overnight you should leave ice cream out of the freezer for a bit in order to soften so you can scoop out the ice cream.


Carbs 3.5g Fiber 2.2g Net Carbs 1.3g Protein 4.8g


Next time you are in the mood for your bulletproof coffee, why not try making this bullet coffee ice cream?  Fall in love with ice cream again and enjoy summer the way it’s meant to be.

Some of the amazing products in this recipe were purchased from Switch Grocery.  If you live in Canada and want some great Keto, Paleo and Diabetic food options, please check them out!

If you like this recipe, please leave an honest comment below and feel free to share with all your keto and low carb friends.  If you are diabetic and have issues with erythritol, you may want to try using other substitutes like Monkfruit or Stevia sweeteners.


  1. looks amazing, do you think i could throw this in my ice cream attachment instead of stirring on the hour? also, i’ve heard a tbsp or 2 of vodka keeps ice cream from getting too icy!

    • I think the ice cream attachment would be great. Never heard of the vodka trick but why not, if it helps. Although this ice cream doesn’t get too icy on its own. It’s very creamy.

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