Low Carb Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Chocolate Mint has always been my favourite flavour.  As a child I always loved eating those After Eight mints, you know those little squares with the white mint cream and the chocolate coating.  I must have eaten thousands of which I’m sure had a tonne of sugar and probably had a part in my diabetes.

Today we are lucky to have access to quality chocolate made with great ingredients that are not overloaded with crazy amounts of sugar.  Thanks to the awesome folks at Coco Polo, we now have low carb chocolates that us diabetics can eat without spiking our blood sugars out the roof.  Of course if we eat too much I will still get a spike so I still need to limit how much I eat in one sitting.  However, I must admit their chocolates are so darn good I could seriously eat a whole bar in one sitting, but I would never do that…..right 😉

diabetesI am so glad diabetics have more and more options and are able to enjoy quality foods to satisfy those sweet cravings.  There are plenty of diabetic recipes available to give us plenty of ideas, just search for low carb recipes, keto recipes, low carb desserts or any combination of these words and you will find a plethora of amazing recipes.  Being aware of all these great low carb recipes have been a huge part in how I was able to reverse diabetes.

One of my recent recipes Sexy Keto Pudding seems to be a favourite for many people.  Simple to make and can be modified for your needs and tastes, just like many of the recipes I share on I Hacked Diabetes.

Mint Flavour

This Low Carb Chocolate Mint Smoothie, has that chocolate mint flavour by dipping the rim of a glass in a chocolate ganache while giving the mint flavour from the smoothie itself.  This way you get a taste of chocolate with every sip.  Check out this video to see how I made the chocolate rim and enjoy the recipe below.

Nutrition: Per serving (recipe yields 2 servings) 
Calories: 292
Fat: 27g
Protein: 8g
Carbs: 8g
Fibre: 4g
Net Carbs: 4g

Chocolate Mint Smoothie Recipe

Low Carb Chocolate Mint Smoothie

Low Carb Chocolate Mint Smoothie



    For the Chocolate Rimmed Glass
  1. Over a double boiler melt the chocolate
  2. Add Heavy Cream and stir until well combined
  3. Pour mixture into a narrow/deep bowl or dish that will allow your glass to fit
  4. Dip your glass into the chocolate filled bowl to rim the glass
  5. For the Mint Smoothie
  6. Place coconut milk in the fridge 2 hours before making this recipe
  7. Remove coconut milk from fridge, coconut cream will have formed at the top of the can
  8. Use a spoon to scoop out the cream and place into blender
  9. Mix remaining ingredients in a blender
  10. Blend for about 30 seconds
  11. Once blended pour into chocolate dipped glass (I used a funnel to pour so I don't mess up the chocolate rim)

Modify this low carb keto and diabetic friendly smoothie to meet your tastes and needs.  Some people do not like the stevia taste so feel free to switch it up with your favourite sweetener that works for you.

I always play around with different sweeteners and flavours and have fun in the kitchen while I rebuild my relationship with food and learn to create low carb recipes that help me to reverse diabetes.

If you live in Canada and are shopping for more diabetic friendly products visit Switch Grocery.

Disclosure: Switch Grocery does provide me with free products to sample.  However, I do not get paid to use or promote their products.  I will only promote products that I have personally tried and enjoyed.


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