Fat Popsicles

These Fat Popsicles are a quick and easy way to cool down on those hot summer days.  Made with only 4 ingredients, you will be in the sun with an icy fatty treat that will keep you satiated while you soak up that Vitamin D.

In the summer I make these every week, they are my favourite summer cool down dessert and so easy to make.

Fat popsicle

Fat Popsicles Recipe

Makes 4 Servings

Only 4 ingredients but if you want them a little sweeter feel free to add some stevia or your fav sweetener to the mix.

Combine all ingredients and blend all ingredients, make sure to use hot coffee so the chocolate melts and mingles with the rest of the ingredients.

You can mix it up with these popsicles and add your favourite nuts like pistachios or chopped macadamia nuts. I love them with some flavoured coffee syrups or even adding some low carb jams or berries.

Nutrition Per Serving
15.9g Fat
2.3g Protein
4.9g Carbs
2.5g Fiber
2.4g Net Carbs
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